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Visual DNA is the fastest, most cost-effective, flexible and customisable AI Metadata solution available today.

Get ready to transform the way you think about video ingest, tagging, search and retrieval...

Works with your existing hardware and software including:

Visual DNA Explained

Visual DNA unlocks a host of unique benefits not previously available in your MAM or DAM with traditional metadata

Unique to Mobius Labs, Visual DNA is transforming video ingest, tagging, search and archive. It creates an ultra compact description of video frames (around 1500 times smaller than the corresponding 4k video content) at lightning speed and unlocks a host of benefits that were not previously available with traditional metadata.

With Visual DNA, one hour of video content requires just 30MB of metadata storage and can be re-indexed in less than 10 seconds for zero additional cost! Thus, archive video that has been poorly tagged or has no metadata at all becomes a thing of the past and your content library can always be kept fresh and relevant.

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Advanced Facial Recognition

Analyse faces based on real facial expressions not limited to 6 or 7

pre-defined emotions. Additional automatic face quality assurance guarantees optimal results.

Create new, natural language tags on your terms and identify new faces and facial expressions without going back to your original digital assets. Democratise AI with no specialist skills required.

Customisable and Trainable

Deploy in the cloud or on-premise for maximum security with our flexible SDK and cost-effective pricing model.

Works with your existing MAM or DAM

Lightning Fast Ingest at Scale

Intelligent Search

Extract Visual DNA at up to

70x real-time with tiny metadata storage overhead. Novel architecture and design comfortably runs on a single GPU and minimises power requirements.

Breathe new life into legacy content that’s poorly indexed with new ways to search, discover and analyse video assets. Visual DNA keeps your library fresh and always relevant.

Ingest once with Visual DNA and effectively turn back time. Re-index your entire digital library without re-ingesting your original content from scratch. Update one hour of 8k video in less than one second.

Turn Back Time

What people are saying

"Mobius Labs delivers a solution that offers deep content insights alongside simple management and powerful performance. We are particularly impressed with the data points and results we have seen from Mobius Labs."

Brad Kofoed, Senior Vice President, Bynder

"Mobius Labs has changed the game for Influential by dramatically enhancing our visual search capabilities, reducing costs and increasing our processing speeds exponentially."

Scott Giovanni, EVP Product, Influential

"Thanks to Mobius... content can be tagged when it is first ingested, or you can run the software to go through your archives and tag historical files just as quickly and efficiently."

Iain Churchill-Coleman, Product Manager, EditShare



Re-index 1 hour of video at zero cost

Cost reduction vs current vendors


Per hour of video content


Smaller than corresponding

4K content


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